A dazzling commercial properties is not only known as the pride point of the city, but it also gives immense confidence to the employees of offices and shop owners in the building. We know that cleaning and hygiene of building’s glasses, floors, washrooms and escalators, are equally important and we have designed safe, effective and economical solutions for all such applications.


Everyone knows that hospitality is one of the most important segments when it comes to cleanliness and sanitization. Properties like hospitals and hotels are hotbeds of various viruses and germs and it is the responsibility of the authorities and the housekeeping agency to ensure 100% cleanliness on a daily basis. We are aware of all such cleaning issues and professionally manufacture Liquid Cleaners for proper solutions.


Every residential properties requires deep cleaning after construction and before handing over to the owner, similarly daily cleaning in homes has a wide variety of daily cleaning applications such as floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning and washroom cleaning. You should have different cleaning solutions for all such challenges. We at OSSOM EnviroCHEM closely identify home and apartment related issues and provide safe and tested cleaning liquids for every possible application.


Whether large-scale or small-scale, engineering or pharmaceuticals; the more types of manufacturing industries the more types of cleaning problems we face! On the one hand you need to address oily

and greasy floors and on the other side you may need to handle cleanrooms. Our experienced and professional team is aware of the industry’s critical cleaning issues and used their experience to create these impressive products.