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Daily Cleaning SOLUTION

There are different types of surfaces in residential or commercial buildings and each surface has different cleaning issues! Just as you can’t treat every ailment with the same medication, maintaining the healthy life of floors and other finished surfaces of the property requires specific liquid cleaners.

Our expert team designs and recommends specialized liquid cleaners for amazing results in every daily surface cleaning application in homes, offices, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals and manufacturing units.

We not only manufacture and sell the product but also provide guidance on usage and professional tips to get amazing results with minimum cost. You can buy these products with confidence and recommend it to others too.

Washroom Hygiene solution

Sensitive areas like the bathroom should not only look clean, but they should be kept sanitized as well. Indian washrooms have various cleaning issues like yellow spots, soap scum, water scaling and rust marks etc.

Bathroom cleanliness is also essential to protect the health of the family at home and employees of any organization.

We at Ossom have developed amazing products like high quality toilet bowl cleaners for guaranteed result, as well as high performance bathroom surface cleaner cum sanitizer, and hard water de-scaler at nominal cost. We are proud to say that these advanced formulas developed by our R&D team have been approved by many conglomerates and government institutions after usage and stringent trials.

Kitchen hygiene and Sanitization

When we talk about kitchen cleaning we can imagine oily surfaces, smoky grills and choke sinks. Clearly the kitchen is hardest area to clean of any property, especially a commercial kitchen.

But there is another dimension to the issue of the kitchen cleaning; you’ll have to clean most greasy surfaces, but at the same time you also need to make sure that the chemicals you’re using aren’t harmful for utensils, platforms, and other kitchen areas.

Products of our kitchen cleaning range is tried and tested on a variety of surfaces used in domestic and commercial kitchens to keep them free of stains and grease, and to make them clean, shiny and food-grade sanitized.



We, as a fast growing brand, are continuously on the path of India’s most versatile provider of professional cleaning solutions, the OSSOM EnviroCHEM innovative products and cleaning programs promote efficient, healthier, and sustainable practices that exceed expected performance.


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There is a need for cleanliness and hygiene everywhere every day and the demand of each area varies according to the application and process. We keep conducting on-site studies and design products as per the cleaning requirements of different segments!










Common expectations for a cleaning liquid are effective, harmless, smelling good, vegan and economical, and our OSSOM range meets all of these criteria. Plus, you no longer need to search different cleaning liquids from separate sources, because every solution is here!


Every customer is important to us, but when a large group becomes a regular buyer it gives immense satisfaction to the manufacturing company like us. Many known organizations are now using our products at in different states of India.