World class cleaning and hygiene chemicals at a cost you can surely afford!


Multipurpose Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Neutral and Rinse free Cleaner

Pack Size: 2L and 5L

This high performance surface cleaner cum floor cleaner safely removes: dirt, soil, grease and grime from all water safe hard surfaces and floor coverings.


Interior Cleaner cum Polisher Concentrate

Cleans and Polishes

Pack Size: 5L

This best interior cleaner liquid formulation leaves a shiny and non-sticky surface. It delivers superior performance on plastic, vinyl, laminates, wood, leather, etc.


Aquascent Room Freshener Concentrate

Deodorizer cum Odor Neutralizer 

Pack Size: 2L

This air freshener deodorizer delivers pleasant fragrance for extra-long lasting effectiveness. It fights with malodor and has anti-microbial properties

OSSOM S1 Super

Bathroom Cleaner cum Sanitizer

Cleans and Sanitizes most of the hard surfaces

Pack Size: 2L

This S1 SUPER is highly concentrated, a disinfectant and kills 99.9% of germs. It is mild acidic, delivers high performance and a no rinse formula making it most suitable choice for daily bathroom and washroom cleaning.


Pine-O-Clean Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Pine based multi-purpose cleaner

Pack Size: 5L

Ossom S7.1 is an effective formula with pine fragrance which delivers superior cleaning results on tiles, stone, porcelain, epoxy, vinyl, linoleum and all polished floors. This cleaner concentrate is ideal for use on floors, walls, furniture, painted surface, counters, etc.


Stainless Steel Cleaner | SS Polish

Polisher cum Cleaner for Metal Surfaces

Pack Size: 2L and 5L

This stainless steel cleaner cum polish delivers superior performance on Stainless Steel, Chrome and other Metal Surfaces. It also creates a protective barrier that resists fingerprints and repels dust and dirt.


Premium Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate

anti-bacterial cleaner, stain remover and fabric brightener

Pack Size: 2L

This OSSOM C1carpet shampoo cleans, sanitizes, deodorizes and protects the carpets & upholstery from re-soiling. It is Ideal for hand shampooing of carpets, sofa – upholstery, side panels, car interiors, etc.


Luxury Foam Soap

Premium foam soap with extra moisturizing

Pack Size: 2L

This Ossom HF1 Luxury Foam Soap is a premium foaming soap hand cleanser which gives rich lather and leaves your skin soft and fragrant. This premium hand washing foam soap is suitable for all refillable soap dispenser.

Importance of Household Cleaning Products

Considering the importance and higher demand of cleaning chemicals during COVID-19 era, many medium and small enterprises started manufacturing or repacking cleaning chemicals, without having adequate knowledge, experience and research on the subject.

Since the demand and market size of such products had suddenly increased, it is not surprising for an experienced organization like us. But as an end-user you should take adequate precautions to understand the basics of cleaning and hygiene products, while selecting the same for your homes and workplace which is to be used by family, visitors and staff; else trust an experienced and dedicated company like us.